ForgottenL - A new eraServer Written by Rohan, 13 September 2017, 22:34.41

"The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel about it once you achieve it."
This has been our motivation since day one when we first decided to make the server greater than ever.

Some new/glorified features:

  • Players without bots - Introducing GameGuard:
    • If you decide to play on ForgottenL without using any kind of bot such as ElfBot you will receive some benefits.
      To receive the benefits you must download our game client and login using GameGuard.
      By using GameGuard you will receive a 100-40% exp bonus, attend certain events, bonus loot rate along with ability to walk with WASD.
  • New events:
    • We have added 3 more entertaining events on ForgottenL.
      Storm event, Deathmatch grounds & the infamous Deathrun.
      More information on these events will be posted soon!
  • Hunting Spawns, creatures and quests:
    • Many of the previous hunting spawns have been eliminated due repetitive spawns. They have been replaced with new, more unique spawns that will definitely give you a surprise.
    • Quests have been updated as well with an absolutely amazing appearance.
    • We have also added 10 new quests along with 3 secret ones with new exciting AI bosses that are not accessible with TPs! Also most of the beginner ones that were "too easy" have been reworked to provide more of a challenge.
  • Spells:
    • We have added a lot more new and exciting spells that you'll be learning frequently as you gain rebirths!
    • There are also no more spell scrolls that can be obtained by quests, they are now learnt automatically once completing the quest. (To avoid unorthodox trade-offs to lower rebirth)
  • Guild event:
    • Guild event has been updated to be a lot more competetive and there will also be statistics availible on the website for the best and worst players! Additionally, a new weekly guild castle with custom spawns and bosses has been introduced.
  • Questlog:
    • Questlog has been fully updated with almost all quests and it works perfectly! Go out there and gain the title as The Emperor of ForgottenL.
  • Raids:
    • Every hour there is an automatic raid which provides everyone who killed the monsters EXP bonus for 30 minutes!
  • Pets:
    • We have updated our pet system! You can now customize their name, talk through them! Furthermore, they will not take their owners damage nor damage their owners anymore.
  • Stamina recovery:
    • You will recover stamina by simply being in PZ or trainers.
  • Deathloss, Bless & PvP:
    • The amount of levels you lose per death now not only depends on your level on death, but on the rebirth as well! So a player level 300k with 20 rebirths would lose almost double the amount of levels as a 10 rebirth player, thus making PvP more impactful. Bless helps reduce this penalty by 25%.
    • All spells and weapons have been remade to pitch perfect balance.
  • Low level protection + increased death loss for higher rebirths:
    • If you are below level 50,000 you will not lose any items on death.
  • Addon bonus system.
  • Food Bonus:
    • Eating any food on ForgottenL gives you random stat bonuses such as heath & mana points, skills, magic level & more!
  • Teamhunt AI Bosses introduced:
    • We've added a lot of exciting bosses that require you to group up with your friends or foes and defeat the AI bosses for some great loot! Everyone will get their share with the AI loot system.
  • Unique mechanical fishing system:
    • You can now fish up rare creatures and items with a special mechanical rod only obtainable from a quest!
  • PIN-security system:
    • Keep your characters safe using our free to use in-game PIN system!
  • Achievements system:
    • Unlock unique bonuses by discovering unique achievements!
  • Boss Mechanics:
    • All of our bosses have unique mechanics that make them really tricky to slay, do you have what it takes to beat them?
  • Bonus stats:
    • An NPC that sells you permanent stat bonuses in-game for gold.
  • Balanced PvP:
    • We have re-worked a lot of spells/weapons this era in order to ensure PvP is 100% balanced.
  • Donations:
    • All donations from the previous era will be refunded 100% up to 5,000 points.
Any questions, thoughts or ideas before the launch? Contact us using one of the methods on the right.