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Pinned BETA start 1/5!Server Written by Rango, 27 April 2017, 02:40.51

Beta is coming as winter comes to an end!

Dear champions of ForgottenL!
We hereby invite you to join us for an exclusive beta that starts 1st May, Monday 01:00CET for our remodeled server! Please keep in mind some features are still hidden for the Live server.

  • Who amongst you have the nerves to enter our new realm?
    Like Trump said, let us make Ameri... ForgottenL great again! We have worked intensively these last months to rejuvenate the server to its former glory.
    During the beta we are seeking both new and old players to help us shape and sharpen the gameplay experience. We would like you to keep an eye on every detail no matter how insignificant you find them to be. Bug lives does not matter and we need to get rid off them!
    A minor map error? Something feels odd with the balancing? Boring gameplay? Give us your ideas on how to improve the situation! The sky is usually the limit, but today we dine in he... Ops, got carried away. Today we aim for the moon! Talk to us, yell to us, even go so far as spam us! Your opinion matter!
  • But but, do I get any achknowledgement or reward for participating in the beta?
    Of course! List every bug you find in 1 report before 5th of May, as this is when BETA closes. You are also free to make suggestions.
Contact us either in Discord, in-game, facebook or even send us an email!

Pinned A new era v2General Written by Rangeroo, 24 March 2017, 12:34.27

Extensive explaination for the update!

After recieving requests regarding further explaination on how the changes will affect the gameplay, we will go through them thoroughly.

  • Rebirth system.
    Missions will now be the main feature for rebirthing while gold becomes the alternative.
  • Death penalties and spells.
    Death will now bring up to 15% loss of your current level. Skill levels will experience a loss of 30% and magic level will have a loss of 20%.
    This reflects our newly renovated balance between the vocations and spells.
    Every spell will be set to reflect your level and rebirth so that dying will have a significantly higher impact on your strength than earlier.
  • Tiers, spawns and equipment.
    Each tier reflects what type of element your spells consist of, what resistance you get from equipment and type of damage dealt from creatures.
    For example: The second tier will mainly consist of the element poison. The equipment suitable for this tier will give you resistance against poison. This is crucial as both players within your tier and monsters will deal poison damage.
    However, the third tier will give you resistance against three elements. Highest resistance will be suited for the third tier, lower resistance for the second tier and a small resistance for the first tier. This is used to give harmony amongst the tiers and make pvp more interesting.
    Every equipment above third tier will continue to give resistance against three tiers. The main tier and the two below it.
    Gathering equipment and spells have never been more crucial for strength and dominance.
  • Spawns.
    Each tier will consist of either 7 or 6 creatures. There is one creature within every tier that will drop the suited equipment for that tier.
    Rewards/loot and experience given from creatures within each tier will grow exponentially. This means that the strongest creature within your tier will give a significantly greater reward than the moderate and weakest creatures. They will obviously be the hardest to kill.
Any questions, thoughts or ideas? Contact us using one of the methods on the right.

Pinned A new eraServer Written by Rango, 15 March 2017, 01:31.58

Welcome to a new world!

It has come to our attention that rumours and stories circulate our beloved server.
Therefore we have decided to let you know what is true and what is false.
Over the past years, we have had an enormous amount of players. More than we could ever hoped for.
We are forever grateful for all of you being here with us.
That is why we are proud to announce a new ForgottenL. We have had a few unforeseen circumstances and new innovative ideas lately and decided we will renovate the entire gaming experience and make ForgottenL great again!
Here are some of the new features you will experience soon.

  • Donations.
       Due to a lot of criticism regarding our donation equipment & weapons, we are happy to tell you that no equipment nor weapons will be purchasable through donations. Everything must be aquired in-game.
  • Rebirth tiers.
        All new and never seen on ForgottenL before. Players will be able to hunt specific monsters and creatures that are customized to their rebirth.
    Different elements will represent each tier and creatures. No more random creatures placed around the map.
  • Equipment.
        New customized equipment that players can obtain to help them fight creatures, players and get resistance against the mighty elements.
  • Spawns.
        Spawns will have a minimum and maximum rebirth limit making hunting for experience, gathering materials for rebirth or simply botting less painful.
  • Vocations.
        Fully tested and redefined balance between all vocations.
  • Rewards.
    50% of all donations will be refunded to your account, and top 50 in highscores will be added a couple of rewards:
    100-500 premium points & trophy with their rank and name.

Unfortunately; this will require a reset of the server. When this happens is still unknown, but we are working with full speed to bring this update to all of you and expect BETA to be launched by the end of April, and official launch date set.
We will let you know as soon as we know more about the release and we sincerely hope you look forward to this as much as we do. If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, Please leave us a message using discord, facebook, e-mail or simply in-game to any staff you see.
You can find these solutions by looking on the right side on the homepage.

Pinned Upcoming patches Server Written by RoHaN, 26 October 2016, 02:17.18

Hidden ForgottenL's amulet pieces been added to the map, one can now find all of them and exchange them with the NPC.
Increased EXP stages so it's easier to gain rebirths.
Missions for rebirths.
8 new targetted spells that scale with rebirths introduced.
Lowered cost to rebirth pre 100 rebirths.
Varkhal now sells decoration items.
Promotion NPC introduced "The Forgotten King". He travels around the map every 30 minutes.
Added a lot more items from shop to mystery gifts.
You can now use freeze rune in CTF.
Re-balancing pets.
Freeze runes now give you pz lock.
1 new town introduced with it's own custom monsters & team hunting AI boss.
New promotion introduced that increases paladin dmg by 20% and defense by 10% & mages damage of spells/runes/wands by 20%, knights healing & defense by 10% & 20% and weapon damage by 10%, and druids healing by 30% and 10% spells/runes/wands.
Betting system for Guild event.
Deathmatch event.
Remade raid system with unique bosses & exclusive loot.
AI Bosses (Artificial intelligence) & Raids - Bosses that require team hunting, rewards every player who has attacked them.
Achievements system.
Vocation changer item to be introduced.
!events command added.
Private/rentable spawns & more quests.
PIN security system.
Melee/Distance/Magic level skill will impact your damage through both weapons spells significantly.
Alternate way of rebirthing other than Gold Ingots, compulsary after 200 rebirths.
5 more teamhunt bosses.
More raids.

November patch #2Server Written by Splitter, 30 November 2016, 04:03.50

Re-designed enigma city and temple
Added Hell Enigma city (250+ rebs)
Added 2 Spell Quests (350 & 400reb+)
Added 3 new Ai Bosses ( 200 , 220 , 240 reb+)