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Patch v2Server Written by RoHaN, 26 September 2016, 15:33.50

Rebirth requirements for summoning pets.
Premium points vouchers, VIP medals & Castle hunt upgraders added to shop.
Attack speed increased.
24 new spawns to VIP and normal hunt spawns for higher rebirths.
2 more quests.
2 new bosses.
Lootrate of cc, gold nugget & gold ingots increased on all bosses and extreme + hunting creatures.
Added more forgotten tokens to loot from overlords.
Reworked Forgotten SD to scale with rebirths.

Pet system infoGeneral Written by RoHaN, 24 September 2016, 16:20.32

Step by step explained how to tame a pet:
1. Get Boss Capturing Jar
2. Speak to NPC Arthur and buy 'musicsheet' for 10 forgotten tokens each for the boss you want to catch
3. You will get a musicsheet for that specific boss which you should place on your arrow slot
4. Go face your boss, bring it down to RED hp for highest chance
5. Use Boss capturing jar on it while having the musicsheet on arrow slot
Important thing to note: The stronger the boss you're trying to tame is, the lower chance you have of taming it.
Stats for Bosses: (Catch % ratio)
Troll champion 30%, Laffy killer 25%, Eye don't hurt 15%, Faggot Barend 10%, Big foot 10%, Bitchy hydra 8%,Kamil 5%, Vincefag 5%, Grizzly da bear 5%, Energy overlord 5%, Earth overlord 5%, Ice overlord 5%, Fire overlord 3%, Rango 2%, Spoderman 1.5%, Fizz 1.25%, Zed 1%, Elemental overlord 0.5%.

Patch v1.Events Written by RoHaN, 24 September 2016, 12:52.21

6 new spells for rebirths introduced in VIP city.
Fixed a bug where paladins couldn't attack while healing, knight spells manacost decreased.
Forgotten SD & Gold nuggets added to shop.
All bosses now have a chance to drop gold nuggets and cc.
New vocation spells to be introduced, 2 for sorcerers & druids, 1 for knight and paladins.
All bosses remade and new bosses & hunting creatures to be introduced

ForgottenL is almost ready!General Written by ForgottenL Staff, 13 September 2016, 21:45.19

Dear Forgotten Legends, The BETA is now closed and server launch is 20:00 CEST/GMT+2 (Swedish time).

Quest Hub:

  • Quest Hub has been re-arranged to display difficulties of each quest.
Hunting Hub:
  • Hunting Hub has been modified and re-arranged to display difficulties of each hunting spawn.
  • Majority of the normal spawns should now also have a new spawn.
Boss Hub:
  • Boss Hub has been replaced and re-arranged to display difficulties of each boss.
Enigma Town:
  • Enigma Temple has been modified and re-arranged.
  • Enigma Depot has been modified and re-arranged.
  • Enigma Shop has been modified and moved.
  • Enigma Town now has 30 more houses than previously.
  • Enigma House(s) including castle should now be connected to Enigma Depot.
  • Enigma Depot has been modified and re-arranged.
  • VIP Town is currently under going repairs and re-construction.
  • VIP Spawns is currently under going repairs and re-construction.
  • VIP Quest is currently under going repairs and re-construction.
Rebirth System:
  • Rebirth system has returned to ForgottenL.
  • All Spells will be balanced.
  • All Monsters/Creatures are going to be fixed/balanced.
  • All Donations items will be adjusted to the overall gameplay.
  • The ForgottenL spell has been removed.
  • ForgottenL will have it's account creation fixed.
  • Detailed list of minor changes.
  • ForgottenL will have the same castle system like Masiyah.
  • Forgottenl will have all of the Events like Masiyah.

ForgottenL temporary shutdown for relaunchGeneral Written by RoHaN, 10 August 2016, 16:47.44

Dear ForgottenL players,
We will temporarily be shutting down ForgottenL for an update in a few weeks.
We will be working on rebalancing the vocations, rebirth system, spells and balancing the monsters.
We all look forward to your return soon. Meanwhile come join us on our sister-server at !