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Pinned Upcoming patches till winterServer Written by RoHaN, 26 October 2016, 02:17.18

Hidden ForgottenL's amulet pieces been added to the map, one can now find all of them and exchange them with the NPC.
Increased EXP stages so it's easier to gain rebirths.
Missions for rebirths.
8 new targetted spells that scale with rebirths introduced.
Lowered cost to rebirth pre 100 rebirths.
Varkhal now sells decoration items.
Promotion NPC introduced "The Forgotten King". He travels around the map every 30 minutes.
Added a lot more items from shop to mystery gifts.
You can now use freeze rune in CTF.
Re-balancing pets.
Freeze runes now give you pz lock.
1 new town introduced with it's own custom monsters & team hunting AI boss.
New promotion introduced that increases paladin dmg by 20% and defense by 10% & mages damage of spells/runes/wands by 20%, knights healing & defense by 10% & 20% and weapon damage by 10%, and druids healing by 30% and 10% spells/runes/wands.
Betting system for Guild event.
Deathmatch event.
Remade raid system with unique bosses & exclusive loot.
AI Bosses (Artificial intelligence) & Raids - Bosses that require team hunting, rewards every player who has attacked them.
Achievements system.
Vocation changer item to be introduced.
!events command added.
Private/rentable spawns & more quests.
PIN security system.
Melee/Distance/Magic level skill will impact your damage through both weapons spells significantly.
Alternate way of rebirthing other than Gold Ingots, compulsary after 200 rebirths.
5 more teamhunt bosses.
More raids.

November patch #2Server Written by Splitter, 30 November 2016, 04:03.50

Re-designed enigma city and temple
Added Hell Enigma city (250+ rebs)
Added 2 Spell Quests (350 & 400reb+)
Added 3 new Ai Bosses ( 200 , 220 , 240 reb+)

18th November PatchServer Written by RoHaN, 18 November 2016, 01:55.45

On todays patch 18th November we will be introducing the following:

  • Rebirth missions - You will either get assigned to slay X amount of monsters or gather X amount of items in order to rebirth, OR pay for it untill 200 rebirths. After that, you can only do missions.
  • Weapons scaling with skills/ wands scaling with magic level.
  • 3 new Quests for the forgotten weapons
  • 4 new bosses including an AI boss
Halloween ContestEvents Written by Erza, 31 October 2016, 03:26.37

Winners of RoHaN-OTs Halloween contest 2016!

We wanted to see a place that will scare the hell out of us this Halloween, and these guys damn well delivered!
Best wishes from the RoHaN-OTs Staff and we hope our events left you scarred for life and you had a frightfully good time on Halloween! <jokes, we're extremely sorry>

The winners of our halloween house decoration contest are:

1st place: Sponsbob

2nd place: Necro

3rd place: Maw, Dojo & Knight Knight

A folder of other participants of the contest can be found here.

Happy Halloween!Events Written by Koldento, 27 October 2016, 22:06.18