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Guild OwnerPally Of Chaos
Created4 October 2016, 21:03.08
DescriptionA guild created to grow together, but to enter you have to respect the rules! Rules: 1-Prohibited Insult / Disrespect of guild members. 2-Help in everything you can, whether in quests, kill boss, or give little information. Between all of us we can create a good atmosphere!
MOTDForgottenl 24/7


Rank: Leader
Pally Of Chaos (Paladin)
Rank: Wolf King
Rank: Vice-Leader
Khy Physique (Druid)
Rank: The Ass Fucker
Rank: Member
Mystic Hex (Sorcerer)
Daymar (Paladin)
Fireblood (Sorcerer)
King Man (Druid)
Super Zatch (Druid)
Bluntsito (Sorcerer)
Yaya (Knight)
Rank: Beginner
Subaru (Knight)
Demoniczny (Knight)
Dorsz Burger (Sorcerer)
Bald Man (Paladin)
Narkos (Knight)

Invited players