Information: If you are above level 150 and have participated in a guild war with more than 8 unique players you will gain an amount of premium points depending on the amount of frags the war has been set to.
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Logo Name Description View
Unicorn Power (none) View
Original Gangster (none) View
White Angels (none) View
Nostalgia Any english speakers welcome - mssg leader/vice's for an invite View
Care Bears (none) View
Un Ami (none) View
PRRA (none) View
Log Horizon (none) View
InfantariaBR (none) View
Master (none) View
PANDAS (none) View
RIP (none) View
Legends (none) View
akta ryggen (none) View
ashsdhsdg (none) View
Jebac Brazoli (none) View
Shllom (none) View
Shrek Is Love (none) View
Clique (none) View
xdxd (none) View
Goonies (none) View
Death rose Solo españoles latino hablantes View
RBD Turma do Bairro (none) View
Soromalenco (none) View
Penery Zielixa (none) View
Aftermath A disaster is a sudden, calamitous event that seriously disrupts the functioning of a community or society and causes human, material, and economic or environmental losses that exceed the community’s or society’s ability to cope using its own resources. Though often caused by Sally and her guild. View
Lazy Boys 2 lazy 2 write View
fuck society (none) View
Vnzla Power (none) View
International Guild (none) View
hipania (none) View
We Are One (none) View
From the Stars "I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to." View
The Horde A private guild that aims to top the charts <3 View
bluer than the blue sky (none) View
No MercY (none) View
Cuz We Can (none) View
Cha Cha (none) View
Plebarmy (none) View
Tukekes Team (none) View
Hispania A guild created to grow together, but to enter you have to respect the rules! Rules: 1-Prohibited Insult / Disrespect of guild members. 2-Help in everything you can, whether in quests, kill boss, or give little information. Between all of us we can create a good atmosphere! View
La decimo bestfriend (none) View
Polska Mafia (none) View
Forgotten Quest The Best Guild / El Mejor Gremio Join if they want to have fun or need some help / Unete si quieres divertirte o necesitas algun tipo de ayuda View
Forgotten Warriors Para pasarla bien! Traten de ser activos View
Frisian Fighters We will fight everybody View
boost (none) View
Blue (none) View
NSH Wariaty (none) View
hispania our guild (none) View
ZueiraNeverEnds Invitando brs View
Teletubbies Time for Teletubbies! Over the hills and far away Teletubbies come to play. View
Polskie BRAcTWO (none) View
Target Down (none) View
Fuck You (none) View
Betongen (none) View
blabla (none) View
Anbu (none) View
Savage Squad (none) View
suckers (none) View
Ghibli Studio (none) View
Active Polls (none) View
Stick Killers (none) View
Best Noobs the best noob guild View
Only One (none) View
Vote Trump (none) View
Warmode pls (none) View
Baile de Favela (none) View
Order of the White Lotus We do change the world, we do rule the game and we do all love Pai Sho View
CRAZY FUCKS NOW HIRING; WANTED HELICOPTER PILOT FOR FAST FOOD DELIVERY RUNS. Please send application along with attached resume Thank you -Sicko View
Very Small People (none) View
KSE (none) View
Lethal Fates (none) View
Asgard (none) View
kek (none) View
Toxic (none) View
Redskull Clique (none) View
Tilt Lords (none) View
NeverDie (none) View
Ganja Farmers (none) View
no mercy war (none) View
good kil red pk (none) View
AWS (none) View
Project One Req. RB 100+ View
Legendary Warlords Reclutamos miembros de rebirth 10+. Solo se permite gente que hable español. View
Warmachine (none) View
Forgottenl (none) View
Play For Fun (none) View
Arch Demons (none) View
The BrotherHooD Cya baam baam View
Reklam (none) View
Terror (none) View
Lagos (none) View
Civilian (none) View
Targetz hater (none) View
Polish Squad (none) View
Cornflakes (none) View
Spartans (none) View
Como Estas (none) View
Staferino Destroyers of ForgottenL, deepthroat style View
Reckless Squad (none) View
One Piece (none) View
Neek el Wawa (none) View
Bloody Angels (none) View
Morons (none) View
Clan Mystik (none) View
Poison (none) View
The tutors communite (none) View
Dirty Little Hippies (none) View
Tutors rohanots community (none) View
SSPYTM (none) View
toon squad Get ready for the thunder View
Yakuza (none) View
The stoners if you smoke weed, you belong here View
InSatanWeTrust (none) View
Rise Against We are here to destroy the dominandos of ForgottenL. View
Loser (none) View
Owners Loss (none) View
Sweden (none) View
Suicide Squad (none) View
Antrax (none) View
Locox (none) View
lord casper red red (none) View
Army of Hardcore (none) View
Fucker Back From Hell We Are Here To kIll any oNe View
Live it up (none) View
ANONYMOUS (none) View
Ghost Dead (none) View
Black skullerz (none) View
Reapers (none) View
DarkSentier (none) View
The Kings (none) View
Party Hunters (none) View
Brazilian Imperium New Imperium View
UnitedWeRise (none) View
Sandnigger Killers (none) View
Peace Furios (none) View
Strawhat Crew (none) View
The Messiah (none) View
OldSchool (none) View
Brazilian Storm (none) View
Dark Enigma (none) View
Salemalenco (none) View
Rota GET OVER HERE ! :D View
Outlaws (none) View
Royalty Guild Latina, Hacemos Eventos, Quest, Pvp, Y Todo Otro Tipo De Cosas.! Si Quieres Pertenecer A Una Guild Latina Enviale Un Mensaje A Algunos De nuestros Lideres. View
The Mafia (none) View
To Sem Freio (none) View
Destroyers An exclusive guild. View
Crimson League (none) View
Roialty Guild de falsos. View
blachyde (none) View
Akatsuki (none) View
Pedalki (none) View
Albinos Listids (none) View
Relentless Relentless View
The End (none) View
forgotten diamonds (none) View
Devotion (none) View
Injustice (none) View
Ludzie Starej Daty (none) View
Akas (none) View
Hooligans (none) View
uwu (none) View
Cloud (none) View
GanjaMafia (none) View
Testmony (none) View
Pury (none) View
Immortals (none) View
The New Order We Are The New Order Please Have Guild Chat Open At All Times!! View
Holy Cheese yup View
Dziki (none) View
Mirkwood (none) View
CashIsKing The Money Making Team in Forgotten View
Halls of Serenity (none) View
Forgotten Legends (none) View
Shadow Bane Welcome to the Mage guild....Shadow Bane!!! View
Speed Hunter (none) View
Demonic HellHounds Just for fun. View
The Black Knights (none) View
Night Raid We believe in loyalty, respect, virtue and honor and we will fight to achieve it. If you are looking for a place to grow and have fun, this is for you. Prepare to be unstoppable." RULES: - Be active, no more than 7 Days offline. - Get min 10 rebirth per week. - Respect between the members. View
Infinity Members (none) View
Forgotten Souls (none) View
The Pure Holocaust (none) View
Monkies (none) View
Sacrament Welcome Everyone , Let,s Rock View
Crimson (none) View
Org Akatsuki Demorilize View
MOBBYN (none) View
shadow ninjas (none) View
Kutang Klan (none) View
I didnt open this guild (none) View
Makers of Fate (none) View
LMNTRIX (none) View
Old Time (none) View
Dojutsu (none) View
Na Suke (none) View
NoO MerCY Come in you all old players > APSHRO ON ALL XD View
BLACHY (none) View
The Fuckers (none) View
Funny (none) View
PSY WOJNY (none) View
Hinekans dsadsa View
Charfuckers (none) View
siktir lan (none) View
Skull (none) View
Akatsukis (none) View
Balkan Yakuza (none) View
GanG RzeZuchY (none) View
Blaszka (none) View
ShutDown (none) View
TeaPeacher Party (none) View
Dark Eagles (none) View
TAW (none) View
Ainz Ooal Gown (none) View
Purple Wather (none) View
PolaakiPrzekoozaki My Jestesmy Przekozaki a Wy jestescie fiuciaki! My sie was nie boimy I was zapierdolimy :DDD View
Latino Power Latino para dominar alv! View
Rabbit Clan (none) View
Magyck (none) View
Black Angels (none) View
KIng (none) View
ZajaceHasajacePoLace (none) View
Usutj (none) View
Hookers And Blow (none) View
Kuroii Shinigami (none) View
Diiee (none) View
misie (none) View
Polish Gods We are the Polish Team ready for game View
TeamPolaczki (none) View
Team Evenement Witamy w Guildi Team Evenement, wzajemna pomoc mile widziana. Wymagana czesta aktywnosc oraz uzywanie Guild Chat'u. View
Los Crazys (none) View
los guerreros Z (none) View
Queen (none) View
AWAYS (none) View
war (none) View
turkish team (none) View
DayKillers (none) View
Holy (none) View
Swedish Maffia wanna join? rebirth minimum 5 send a private messeng to Voc or Leah to speak of membership View
NPC (none) View
Hunted English Speaking Guild View
Coomple (none) View
Movimiento Naranja Movimiento naranja, el futuro esta en tus manos... Unete alv View
Cut my own hair (none) View
Forgotten Hunters Do Not Attack Enemy team they are just for vip points View
Dream Team (none) View
Banita TEAM Street Rules View
Viper (none) View
Swedish Fighters (none) View
Underground Warriors Vene Vidi Vici View
Still alive Inviting players above 25 reb. Pm Himii or Denkan View
xanba (none) View
Gladiators (none) View
Polish TEAM Team Tylko dla Polakow View
Paradox Makers (none) View
BrazilianForce Brasileiros São Bem Vindo 3 Rebirths Mais View
dagoochs (none) View
Razem Ponad Kilo (none) View
ciemna strefa (none) View
GOD Master (none) View
Dominando (none) View
Forgotten Power Want to join? Pm Vizero in-game. View
Mexican Mafia (none) View
Latinoz Wars (none) View
Biscreta (none) View
Republic of Turkey (none) View
Payback (none) View
random (none) View
Olho Que Tudo Ve (none) View
Olympus (none) View
Poland Army Rekrutacja Polakow pisac do Squbany. View
Pk Squad This Is The Pk Squad Stay Out Of Our Way Or Die SIMPLE!!! View
Blaszki dla PA (none) View
berserks (none) View
Mjjmm (none) View
Furious Killers (none) View
Blaky OT guild (none) View
Guapo tela (none) View
GHETTO SQUAD (none) View
Latin army (none) View