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Frequently asked questions

1. I want to report something to a GM or higher, where do I contact them?

Use CTRL+R in-game or PM one on the forum.

2. I want some basic information about the server, where can I find this?

3. What is the referral system?

You can use referral system to invite your friends to play ForgottenL (using the link you get in account managment page) and you will earn points! Rewards:
  • Every time 5 of your friends join (using the referral link), you get 5 premium points;
  • When they reach a rebirth in-game, you get 10 premium points;
  • When you reach 10 referrals, you get 15 premium points;
  • When you reach 30 referals you will get a code for an outfit to unlock it permanently;
  • If one of your friends (which registered using the referral link) decides to donate, you get 20% bonus points from their first donation! (example: if your friend donates for 1000 points, they will get 1000 points and you will get 200 points!)

4. What level do I need to be to buy a house?

Level 200000.

5. How many houses can I own?

1 per account.

6. How can I obtain game tokens?

You can get game tokens from Casino, Pacman, Last man standing, some bosses and buying from either Forgottenl shop, doing tasks from TGYoshi or from players.

7. How do I create a guild?

Go go the "Guilds" page at the site and click on "Create a new guild" on the top right. Or at the following link: https://www.forgottenl.se/guilds/new

8. How do I invite a war battle with another guild?

!war invite, guildname, frag amount (frag amount is from 1 to 1000)

9. How do I accept a war battle?

!war accept, guildname

10. How do I decline a war battle?

!war reject, guildname

11. How do I cancel a war invite?

!war cancel, guildname

12. How do I end a war battle?

!war end, guildname

13. I can't log in to the game, it says: Gameworld is currently closed, please come back later.

This means the staff is working on the server checking stuff to be sure it's safe for players.

14. How many characters can I have on my account?

16 characters per account.

15. Can I remove a character from my account?

No you can not.

16. Can I change my character's name?

Yes, you can change your name for 100 points. https://www.forgottenl.se/shop/get/10039

17. Is botting allowed?

Yes it is allowed, check our special Elfbot page at https://www.forgottenl.se/elfbot

18. What does a redeem code do for me?

It gives you a monster outfit or premium points depending on your code.

19. Is there a list (on the website) of all the spells in the server?

20. What level do I need to play/transfer my rohan-ots points to ForgottenL?


21. How can I contact a staff member if he's not online?

You can contact staff members through the support e-Mail address, you can find it at https://www.forgottenl.se/staff

22. How do I clear my deathlist?

Log in on the website and go to your account, you should be able to see a button that has the context "Clear deathlist". It costs 60 premium points.

23. What are forgotten tokens for?

To play Pacman, Slot Machines, enter certain Quests, VIP Underground access and you can Exchange them for Premium points at NPC, along with use them for a random item in game.

24. When does a house get emptied?

A house will be emptied if the house owner have been inactive for more than 21 days.

25. How does Premium Points for completed Guild Wars work?

If you are above level 350 and have participated in a guild war with more than 10 unique players you will gain an amount of premium points depending on the amount of frags the war has been set to. There is also weekly guild war rewards if you are top 3.