Weekly guild event

Reward 1st place: Guild Castle, Guild Trophy + 40 gold ingots.
Time of event 21:00 (CEST), every saturday in Enigma temple. There also spawns a spectator TP after event TP is closed.
Information The objective is to damage the guild creature as much as possible while eleminating enemy guilds.
Killing an enemy guild player makes their guild lose 10-1000k damage, and getting struck by thunder you lose 25% hp/mp per second.
Requirements: A guild leader, guild and minimum 3 players online.
2nd place: 15 Gold Ingots
3rd place: 5 Gold Ingots
4th place: 100 Gold Nuggets

Zombie event

Reward 20 premium points.
Time of event 16:00 & 20:30 (CEST), announced five minutes before starting.
Information Don't get killed by the zombies! Survive the attack of the undead and be the last man standing to win 20 premium points.

Deathrun event

Reward 100-50 game tokens + achievement and engraved trophy.
Time of event 13:00, 15:00, 18:00 & 21:00 (CEST).
Information A player will randomly be assigned to activate the traps. The more people die, the higher their reward will be. As for the contestants, 1st place will get 100 game tokens, engraved trophy and achievement! Top 5 to finish will get 50 game tokens each.

Storm event

Reward 30 game tokens + achievement depending on which event it is.
Time of event 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 16:30, 21:30, 01:30 & 02:30 (CEST).
Information Fire or Ice track, where the last man standing receives the reward. Dodge all the bullets! Level 150+.

Loot crate event

Reward Random items.
Time of event Every 6 hours.
Information When broadcasted, you have 45 minutes to search for loot crates in Enigma, Freljord & Newton. First one to find each crate will get his/her name broadcasted and receive a reward!

Deathmatch event

Reward 10-20 premium points and 1-2.5 million EXP.
Time of event 17:00 & 20:00 (CEST).
Information Two teams fighting against eachother in a small area. The team which kills the most players within the given time win. Level 150+.

Event creature

Reward Mystery gift + Loot.
Time of event Random, usually right after a patch.
Information A black skulled event creature spawns in Enigma temple & runs around to menace the city. Everyone who deals some damage to him gets a mystery gift. Those who loot it get the chance to loot rare items!

Frodo event

Reward 2-200 gold nuggets.
Time of event Always open.
Information Location: Frodos place Depot +4. Place your bets (from 1 to 100 gold nuggets) infront of you and simply pull the lever. You have to trap your opponent on the black tile and use a magic wall on the white tile in order to win. There is also W/L count in highscores!

Capture the flag (CTF)

Reward 20 premium points.
Time of event 00:00 12:00, 15:45 & 21:45 (CEST), announced five minutes before starting.
Information Classic capture the flag. Capture the other teams flag and bring it to your base. Prevent the other team from taking your flag.

Last man standing (LMS)

Reward 30 game tokens.
Time of event Every 50 minutes.
Information Kill everyone in the event room. Be the Last man standing to win 30 game tokens. Special rules apply here.


Reward Game tokens, the amount depends on the difficulty you pick.
Time of event Always open.
Information Step on all tiles without getting killed by Pacman ghosts in order to win the reward. You can also compete for the highscores.


Reward Crystal coins, the amount depends on the length of your trail.
Time of event Always open.
Information Try to pick up as many dots as possible without hitting the wall or your trail.


Reward None.
Time of event Always open.
Information Invite your friends to play bomberman and bomb each other! You have to be the last one standing if you want to be victorious. (minimum 2 players, up to 4 players)


Reward Depends on your luck.
Time of event Always open.
Information Gamble to win more game tokens... or lose them all... You can play gem or dice game.